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Addressing pigmentation concerns is challenging and requires specialized care. At Park Dermatology we have the latest "pico-laser" technology and the expertise to help guide you to the most effective solutions.

Irregularities in skin pigmentation come in many forms. Sun Freckles represent pigmentation predominantly in the superficial skin layer. Melasma and Post-Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation may be superficial, but these skin problems can also result from pigmentation in the deeper layers of the skin. Such deep pigmentation can make treatment even more challenging.

In patients with skin of color, efficiently targeting only the unwanted pigmentation has been very difficult. Fortunately, the latest innovation means effective treatment options are now available for all skin types!

While medical grade Skin Lightening Cream and Broadband Light (BBL) remain beneficial treatment options, some patients may have stubborn pigmentation can remain a challenge to treat. This is often due to the deeper nature of this resistant pigment.

The latest Pico Laser technology, however, targets undesirable pigmentation at all levels in the skin. Pico lasers produce ultrafast pulses of light lasting less than a billionth of a second to achieve this level of efficiency!

At Park Dermatology, we believe you deserve the opportunity to have your condition properly evaluated.  We want to be sure you have access to the latest and most appropriate treatment for your skin,


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