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Both Actinic Keratoses and Superficial Spreading Basal Cell Carcinomas can be effectively treated with Red Light PDT. This therapy utilizes the application of Metvix® cream containing methyl-aminolevulinate (MAL).

MAL is absorbed preferentially into skin cancer cells. The cream is typically applied about 3 hours prior to treatment to ensure adequate uptake.

Red light is then applied to the treatment area and this wavelength penetrates deeply into the skin. The light then interacts with the methyl-aminolevulinate (MAL) that has concentrated in the pre-cancerous and cancerous cells.

It is this interaction that gives this unique treatment its name, Photodynamic Therapy or PDT. Since this reaction is toxic to these pre-cancerous and cancerous cells, the result is that they are destroyed.

If you have been diagnoses with actinic keratosis or superficial basal cell carcinoma, consultation with a certified dermatologist can be key to receiving proper treatment and decreasing your future risk of skin cancer.

At Park Dermatology, we would be pleased to help you select a therapy plan that is right for you.


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