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Enlarged Oil Glands (Sebaceous Hyperplasia) is a fairly common condition affecting the skin on the face. The lesions usually appear during middle age affecting patients with a tendency to develop oily skin.

Hormone levels and genetics likely contribute to these changes. Though some people suffer from just a few lesions, others may have dozens of these enlarged oil glands.

Swollen sebaceous glands may appear as small (2 to 3 mm) yellowish bumps associated with a centrally depressed dimple. They are usually most prominent on the face, particularly over the forehead and cheeks.

Vitamin A creams may help to decrease the oiliness of the skin or even shrink the glands to a degree. For lesions that remain cosmetically troublesome, there are several technologies available to effectively reduce or resolve their appearance.

One such technology is electrosurgery. This treatment utilizes high frequency electrical energy to create heat. This heat energy can then be focused on the oil glands in the skin to melt them away!

A dermatologist can properly assess your skin concerns and help you choose the right right therapy. At Park Dermatology, we would be pleased to consult with you to be sure you receive the best treatment available.


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