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Migraine headaches can be painful and debilitating. Patients who suffer from migraines describe significant throbbing head pain that may be associated with nausea, sensitivity to bright light and/or loud noise.

Treatment for migraines has come along way. The first step is to see your primary care provider. If the diagnosis is confirmed, there are many new medications that can be effective for acute attacks. Specifically, triptans (also know as serotonin receptor agonists) are a category of highly effective medications used for treating migraines at there onset.

If you suffer frequent migraine attacks, another very successful treatment option is Botox injection. This medication interrupts nerve impulses to the muscles in the forehead, temples and occipital regions of the head.

In Alberta, Botox injection treatments for migraine headaches may be covered under your provincial medical plan if the migraines are frequent (at least every other day), chronic (recurring over more than 3 months) and long lasting (generally with a duration of more than 4 hours).

Many private insurance programs also cover the cost of Botox for medical use. Treatment requires only a few small local injections. A single treatment session can help reduce or prevent migraines for up to 3 months or more.

Given our experience and expertise in the use of Botox injection, we would be pleased to offer these injections to chronic migraine patients on referral from your primary care physician.


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