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How Much Does Botox Cost in Sherwood Park?

Updated: Mar 20, 2023

Botox is one of a number of different aesthetic injectables more formally known as a neuromodulator. These medications interrupt nerve signals to muscles, allowing them to remain in a more relaxed state. This therapy can produce a calmer, more refreshed appearance with fewer visible lines and wrinkles!

There are a number of brands of neuromodulator available in Canada including Botox, Dysport, Xeomin and Nuceiva. Cost may vary depending on the brand, the facility, as well as the professional experience of the provider. In general, a competitive cost for a unit of Botox is $10. The cost of treatment will depend on variables such as the size of the area being treated as well as the degree of muscularity (males generally more than females).

What areas can be treated with Botox?

· Forehead wrinkles: Lines on the forehead result from muscular activity that raises the brows. Initially these lines are temporary, but with repetitive motion they can become more permanently etched in place over time. Average Treatment Dose: 8 to 12 Botox Units.

· Frown Lines with Brow Lift: These wrinkles are generally triggered by contraction of the muscles that may be activated by concentration or stress. Smoothing of the skin in this area portrays a more calm, relaxed appearance. Thus, Botox therapy applied to relax frown lines and raise the lateral brows is one of the most popular treatments! Average Treatment Dose: 19 to 29 Botox units.

· Crows Feet: Lines and wrinkles around the eyes are another common concern. The skin in this region is some of the thinnest on the face and appears more susceptible to the early signs of aging. Average Dose: 4 to 6 Botox units.

· Bunny Lines: These tiny wrinkles along the sides of the nose can easily be erased with just a few units. Average Dose: 4 to 8 Botox units

· Lip Lines: These small wrinkles can be annoying, particularly for female clients, as they can be associated with lipstick bleeding into these lines. A few units of Botox can be utilized to help minimize these lines. The treatment of this frustrating condition is often best when combined with other modalities. Average Dose: 4 to 6 Botox units

· Lip Flip: A lip flip is a rather simple way to relax the lip edge, giving the impression of a fuller lip. Average Dose: 4 to 8 Botox units

· Gummy Smile: Strong muscles in the mid-face can lead to the upper gumline showing above the upper teeth on smiling. This so-called “gummy smile” can also be resolved with neuromodulators. Average Dose: 4 to 6 Botox units

· Orange Peel Chin: Finally, the coarse appearance of the chin can be readily be softened with Botox. This treatment can also relax the skin fold above the chin. Average Dose: 4 to 6 Botox units

In the end, it is not so much which areas you choose to treat, but more that the medical professional guiding you has an overall plan for the aesthetic effect that you wish to achieve. Neuromodulators, such as Botox, are best utilized as one vital component of this plan.

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