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Scars are the result of the body's natural healing process. The final appearance of a scar depends on many variables. These can include the type of injury that triggered the scar as well as complications such as infection.

The area of the body that is affected can also play a role. Scars around mobile joints, for example, tend to widen over time.

To help prevent scars from recent injuries, the first priority is to optimize healing. If the wound is still open, moist healing under a semi-occlusive bandage with antibiotic ointment or plain petrolatum is generally best.

The moist occulsion provides a medium through which cells can migrate to fill in any remaining defect. Once the skin is intact, the application of a Medical Grade Silicone scar ointment is also recommended. It has been demonstrated to reduce the prominence and redness associated with scars. If scars darken and develop pigmentation over time, skin lightening creams may also be of benefit.

Laser Therapy is another valuable technology to help reduce the appearance of scars. Lasers targeting small blood vessels can diminish the redness within scars. The texture of scars can also be addressed and smoothed.

Finally, mature scars that appear jagged or have widened over time may require additional Surgical Revision to improve their appearance. ​If you have a scar you are unhappy with, we have the expertise and technology to help.  Don't hesitate to have your physician refer you to Park Dermatology for further consultation.

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