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Enlargement of the nose, or rhinophyma, can be a complication of rosacea. Possible triggers may include increased vascularity, inflammation and male hormones - though the exact combination of triggers still remains unclear.

The affected pores in the skin may also ooze sebum or contain a scaly plug. Squeezing these pores, however, can result in secondary scarring.

With rhinophyma the skin may appears more red or purple in colour. Prominent blood vessels and pores are often evident. Oil glands within the skin are enlarged with distortion of of the nose and an increase in nasal projection.

Though women may be affected, rhinophyma predominantly affects male patients.

If you suffer from this condition, don't hesitate to seek our specialized care to help you restore your appearance. This condition can be readily treated surgically under local anesthetic with great success!

The same rosacea triggers that result in rhinophyma, may rarely cause enlargement of other areas of the face including the:

  • Chin

  • Ears (otophyma)

  • Eyelids (blepharophyma) and

  • Forehead (metophyma)

At Park Dermatology, we have the knowledge, skill and technology to treat this condition within our certified Non-Hospital Surgical Facility

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