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A mole (nevus) is a collection of pigment producing cells (melanocytes) under the surface of the skin. It is not clear why these cells cluster together in certain places, but the vast majority of moles remain benign lesions.

While some people have just a few moles, others can have dozens or even hundreds. A persons genetics appears to strongly contribute to how many moles are present. Even benign moles, however, can change in appearance over time.

The most common change that moles undergo is a benign tendency to become more raised or elevated as they mature. With time moles, particularly those on the face, may become more prominent and visually noticeable.

Though these changes unto themselves are not medically worrisome, the appearance of such moles can be a concern to some patients. In general, patients find moles most distracting when they become larger or when they are located around the eyes or around other defining features of their face.

If your mole is feeling less like your signature mark and more like a distraction on your face, then cosmetic removal may be worth considering. The procedure is well tolerated with healing generally complete within about one week.

"I had 4 moles removed from my face wih Dr. Chuck lortie and I am ecstatic with the results - healed beautifully and scars heaaling and hardly noticeable. I am impressed with the results." ...Patient Online Review

If you have a mole that interferes with your appearance, don't hesitate to book a consultation at Park Dermatology to receive our best advice.

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