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Dry skin is a common concern, particularly during the winter in this country. Patients with Atopic Dermatitis have a unique inherited susceptibility to developing itchy dry rashes commonly termed eczema.

This condition can certainly be aggravated by the cold Canadian climate and low relative humidity. It is important for patients with significant eczema to receive specialized care.
Treatment should include more than just creams containing corticosteroids. Patients with eczema are lacking skin hydration as well as the vital components necessary to maintain moisture in their skin.

Replacing ceramides and other essential elements, are all key to successful treatment. In addition, protecting the skin barrier from aggravating factors, such as scratching, is also vitally important for eczema patients.

At Park Dermatology we are pleased to provide the medical expertise and the best available therapies to help patients control this difficult condition.​

NBUVB (narrowband ultraviolet type-B) light can be an important teatment option for this condition . This specific band of UV light has the ability to decrease inflammation and itchiness in the skin after just a few treatments.

For those with chronic eczema that is resistant to standard therapies, newer biologic medications are now also available.  These designer therapies are specific proteins that fit like a key into a lock, switching off inflammation that can be the promoting factor in eczema.

To be sure you are receiving the therapy that is best for you, Park Dermatology would be please to accept your physician’s referral for a personal consultation.

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