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Ear piercing is very popular, with about 85% of women undergoing the procedure in their lifetimes. Unfortunately, the popularity of loop-style earrings can place earring wearers at risk for traumatic tears.

Such tears often lead to the earlobe healing with a small triangular deficit and the inability to wear jewelry in the affected ear. If you suffer from this concern, treatment is available.

Cosmetic surgical repair, under local anesthetic, is a fairly straight forward procedure that can repair the deficit to the earlobe. Healing takes about one week. Once healing is complete, the freshly treated lobe may be re-pierced.

Even earlobe holes that have stretched over time can often be revised surgically.

Once the repaired earlobes have recovered and been re-pierced, patients are almost universally pleased to be able to wear their pierced earrings again. All that is left to do is to step out on the town!

If you woud like to address an earlobe concern to see if surgery may be the answer, Park Dermatology would be pleased to discuss available treatment options with you.

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