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Vascular laser is a technology that utilizes a single colour (or wavelength) of light delivered at an extremely high intensity to target an individual problem in the skin. Excel V+ targets dilated blood vessels with particular efficiency.

This laser platform is able to resolve the appearance of these vessels by targeting the red blood cells inside them. Meanwhile, the overlying skin is protected by chilled water circulating through a sapphire crystal that remains in contact with the skin.

Vascular Laser addresses multiple concerns including spider angiomas which fade with external pressure, but then fill with blood from the center. Excel V+ also treats cherry angiomas commonly found on the trunk.

At Park Dermatology, we often utilize Excel V+ in the treatment of rosacea, a condition commonly associated with small dilated capillaries evident on the face. Small venules (dilated veins) on the legs also respond well to this treatment.

Venous Lakes are soft bluish-purple lesions most commonly located on the lower lip.  They likely result from minor trauma and need to be distinguished by a dermatologist from other more serious conditions.

At Park Dermatology, we would be pleased to evaluate any lesion you are concerned about to be sure you receive a proper diagnosis and the correct therapy for your skin.

Crows Feet
Gummy Smile
Venous Lake
Frown Lines


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