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Dr. Chuck Lortie

Dermatologist - Mohs Surgeon
Dr. Chuck Lortie is a board certified dermatologist in both Canada and the United States with extensive experience in skin rejuvenation, dermatologic surgery and cutaneous oncology.  His residency in Dermatology was completed at the University of Alberta with international training attained through the University of California at San Diego and additional at Mayo Clinic.

Dr. Chuck Lortie MD, FRCPC, FAAD

Dermatologist (Canada / USA Board Certified)

Dermatologic Surgeon (ACGME Fellowship)

During his residency, Dr. Lortie developed an interest in cutaneous surgery and acquired skill and proficiency in the treatment of skin cancer while training with Mohs surgeons across Canada.  Upon completing his residency, he was accepted to an ACGME accredited fellowship program acquiring expertise in procedural dermatology, laser medicine and Mohs microscopically controlled skin cancer surgery.  This was accomplished in Morristown, New Jersey under mentorship of staff affiliated with the University of Columbia and Mount Sinai Hospital network in New York.

Dr. Lortie is a published author and researcher, as well as a member of the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery and American College of Mohs Surgery.

In addition, he is a faculty member and Associate Clinical Professor with the Division of Dermatology at the University of Alberta where he provides consultations and teaches residents through the Kaye Edmonton Clinic.

Dr Bio

Medical Education & Professional Memberships

2015 - Mar

Consultant / Clinical & Surgical Instructor - Division of Dermatology - U of Alberta

2013 - Jul

Fellowship Mohs Surgery & Procedural Dermatology (ACGME)

           Affiliated Dermatology - New Jersey, USA

2013 - Oct

American Society of Dermatologic Surgery - Member

2012 - Oct

2012 - Jul

2012 - Jul

2009 - May

2009 - May

2009 - May

2008 - Dec

Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians & Surgeons of Canada

Fellow of the American Academy of Dermatology

Diplomate of the Americana Board of Dermatology

Canadian Association of Dermatology  - Member

Alberta Association of Dermatology - Member

Residency: Dermatology - University of Alberta

         National Training: U of Toronto & U of British Columbia

         International Training: U of California, San Diego 

Dermatology Observership Training: Mayo Clinic - Rochester, MN

Fellow of the Canadian College of Family Physicians

Canadian College of Family Physicians Certificant

Canadian Medical Association - Member

Alberta Medical Association - Member

President: Association of Family Medicine Residents - U of Alberta

Chief Resident: Family Medicine - Royal Alexandria Hospital

Rotating Internship - Royal Alexandria Hospital

Licentiate Medical Council of Canada

Medical Degree - University of Manitoba

          International Training: Cardiology; Mayo Clinic - Rochester, MN

Bachelor of Science (Medical Research) - University of Manitoba

2020 - Dec

2020 - Aug

2021 - Nov

2015 - Jul

2015 - Sep

2014 - Apr

2013 - Jul

Surgical Director - Park Dermatology Non-Hospital Surgical Centre

Medical Director - Park Dermatology

Associate Professor - Division of Dermatology - University of Alberta

American College of Mohs Surgery - Member

Consultant / Mohs Director - Strathcona Community Hospital

Guest Lecturer: Mount Sinai School of Medicine; New Jersey, USA

Dermatologist - Staff/Emergency Call /Admission Services

          Mount Sinai Hospital Group (New York / New Jersey, USA)

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Professional Affiliations

Dermatologist Credential Insignias
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