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Broadband Light (BBL) is a technology that generates a very intense beam of therapeutic light delivered to the skin in a chain of rapid pulses. For this reason, this therapy has become the gold standard for flushed skin.

This remarkably successful platform reduces visible blood vessels, dampens redness from flushing and even reduces the appearance of freckles in sun damaged skin.

Inflammatory skin problems and sun damage can lead to flushing and the appearance of "broken blood vessels" in the skin. The nose and cheeks can be particularly affected and the resulting redness may be discouraging.

If you are feeling frustrated with continually having to cover up your red skin and blemishes, then a BBL Photofacial may be the solution for you!

Rosacea can not only result in dissatisfaction and embarrassment, but may also progress to cause inflammatory blemishes, eyelid styes, and even enlargement of the nose and other facial features.

Early treatment, however, can prevent this progression.  Treatment with BBL can help to even out your tone  and restore the natural color of your complexion. 

At Park Dermatology, we would be pleased to sit down with you and develop a personalized treatment plan to suit your aesthetic needs.

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