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The real "heartbreak of psoriasis" today is that patients may not be aware that therapy for this disease has undergone a revolution in the last decade! The latest systemic medicines treat this disease both in the skin and the joints.

Psoriasis is an inherited condition that causes the skin to respond in a distinctly abnormal pattern when it is aggravated. Common triggering factors include scratching, rubbing on surfaces and clothing, sunburn, dandruff (yeast infection), streptococcal infection and even certain medications.

There are several dozen inherited genes that contribute to the develop of psoriasis. Generally the more genes you inherit, the earlier in life you may develop this disorder and the more extensively the disease may affect your skin.

The fingernails and toenails may also be affected. A smaller percentage of patients can even develop psoriatic joint inflammation with debilitating chronic arthritis. Treatment of this complex disease is a specialized task and patients deserve to receive consultation with a certified dermatologist.

Park Dermatology has Narrow Band Ultraviolet-B Phototherapy onsite for patients wishing to access this effective drug-free treatment modality. For many patients, just a few sessions a week may control their skin disease.

At Park Dermatology, we have the expertise and technology to guide patients to the best available care. From recommendations regarding the best topical creams, to the latest biologic medications, we will work with you to find the appropriate therapy to optimize your treatment results.

With all the novel treatments now available, the goal for all patients with psoriasis should be to attain clear (or nearly-clear) skin. If you suffer from psoriasis, let us help you restore your self confidence!

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