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Clear healthy skin projects a sense of self-confidence. Don’t let acne blemishes tarnish that self-image. At Park Dermatology, we have the expertise and the technology and we are committed to helping you restore your self confidence!

Optimal treatment requires the expertise to understand your unique condition and ability to deliver the specialized care you deserve. We offer a wide array of effective treatments tailored to suit your individual needs.

One drug-free option is BLU-U®. This blue light-based technology eliminates bacteria in the pores associated with acne blemishes. The treatment is safe, comfortable and effective and can be delivered in minutes!

Forever Clear BBL® is another cutting-edge acne therapy that utilizes the power of light to comfortably and effectively clear your skin of blemishes without the necessity to take acne drugs.

The Sciton BBL® platform delivers a powerful form of Intense pulsed light. The treatment sends a broad spectrum of light energy deep into the epidermis. The result is that you are left with clear, healthy and radiant skin!

This technology utilizes a three-step system:

Step 1: BLUE light to eliminate acne-causing bacteria deep down in the pores.

Step 2: YELLOW light aimed at reducing the inflammation, redness and acne scarring.

Step 3: INFRA-RED light to initiate the body’s natural healing process. 

The end result is healthy, luminous skin you can be proud of!

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